Alexandra Greenspan


OutsideHacks Fall 2013

Built With

John Wang, Adib Behjat, Diivanand Ramalingam


To create an app to enhance the festival-going experience.


PHP, Firebase, Google Maps API, Facebook Parse API

Finalist and winner of the Facebook Award at OutsideHacks.

Your friends may share some of your music tastes, but sometimes they don’t. When that happens, and you really want to hear an artist or band at Outside Lands, don’t go alone! Find some new music buddies and enjoy the concert together. is a webapp that uses your phone’s geolocation to connect you with other festival attendees searching the same artist or band as you. It makes it easy to find people to hang out with for just one set or even the entire day, if you’ve come alone.

Share your Outside Lands experience with new people through!

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