Alexandra Greenspan

(In)convenience Film Website


September 2022


Designer and Developer


Designed and developed website for my short film, (in)convenience. My responsive web design looks great on all devices!

Technologies custom CSS and JS

My goal was to make a site that matched my poster design:

This was extra complicated because I had to figure out how to edit the look of the pre-defined HTML, since I couldn’t change any of the existing HTML tags. Involved lots of trial and error, figuring out the right Class and ID selectors to manipulate, and even updating some of the styling using JS (specifically, to make the parentheses a white color while keeping the rest of the title in pale yellow).

I also had to make my own repeating background for the entire site (achieved using the free tool patternico), and follow a stackoverflow tutorial to make the torn paper effect work correctly (and bleed off the edges of the screen) for each of the content blocks.